An island in the sun where English is an official language, jointly with Maltese - Malta has a seven thousand year old "history encased in golden stone", in the words of the novelist Nicholas Monsarrat.


Sicily to the north and Tunisia to the south, Malta and its satellite islands of Gozo and Comino bear the tidemarks of ancient civilisations - Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and more recently the British.


Recent EU accession facilitates property investment in Malta, and EU citizens can take up residence and benefit from tax advantages such as a flat rate of 15% on income brought into the country.


Non-residents can also benefit from the property market in Malta, which has been showing signs of steady growth over the years with no history of boom and bust. Non-residents can purchase one property, exceeding Lm30,000 (48,500 GBP) for an apartment or Lm50,000 (80,500 GBP) for a house.  Further more non-residents are now allowed to own more than one property in certain development zones such as Portmaso and Tigne Point.  This has drawn investors from as far as the US and UAE, not to mention actors, writers and sport celebrities looking to invest in property abroad.


The purchase process is smooth and straight-forward.  A preliminary agreement (convenium) is signed and after three months, once legal searches are completed, the purchaser's notary prepares the deed of sale and the final contract is signed handing over vacant possession of the property to the purchaser.


The costs borne by the purchaser are 5% stamp duty - 1% payable on convenium and 4% on completion of sale; 1% legal fees; searches and registration fees Lm100 (160 GBP); and Ministry of Finance fee Lm100 (160 GBP), if applicable. Finder's fee do not apply in Malta.  Estate Agent's brokerage fee is paid by the vendor.


On convenium, a deposit of 10% of the purchase price is lodged with the agent or notary as stake‑holder.  The deposit will be forfeited in favour of the vendor should the purchaser fail to complete the final deed of transfer for no valid reason at law.


Mortgages are available to both residents and non-residents at a competitive rate through Maltese Banks and International Banks such as HSBC and Volksbank who have offices on the islands.


A wide choice of apartments is available starting from Lm30,000 to Lm350,000, to include apartments in new developments with excellent views and facilities such as Gym, swimming pool, yacht berthing and more.


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